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– Tusken Aspirations 2 –

< Tusken Aspirations 2: The Shoes >

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So you’re back joining me again for another exciting blog about building a Tusken Raider Costume! If anything you stumbled onto this site at least. Better than nothing.

This time I’ll be explaining the process of making the shoes. First off, let me tell you there’s a lot of different ways to pull this off. The most popular and sensible one I think is what I’d call the “rubber boot method”. It’s not a play on words, no no no. It’s literally, wrapping rubber boots in duck/canvas/denim/khaki cloth. You’re choice. The world is yours.

The reason I bring this up first is not because this is my method of choice, but instead because it offers the most Pros Vs. Cons.

So, here they are. (Three contestants for your love and choosing)

Contestant #1: “Rubber Boot” Method


– More screen accurate than my method

– Easier to slip on (takes 10 seconds and you’re good to go)

– More breathable than my method

– Easier to handle and pack around than my method

– 1 part (technically 2 parts, but oh well)

– Easier to repair than my method


– I don’t think they look as cool as my way

Contestant # 2: “Slipper/Pant” Method

So the “rubber boot” method is basically a rubber boot with cloth attached all over it. Quick, easy, simple. The “slipper/pant” method involves some slippers or shoes that have a cut off pant leg attached to them. Usually hot glue attaches these. Then I’ve seen people reinforce the pant (to make it stiffer), by covering it up with duck tape. Then after that, it’s the same as the rubber boot (i.e: attach some cloth and you’re rollin). The neato thing about this way, compared to the rubber boot, is that the shape is even more realistic than the rubber boot. Possibly more screen accurate… I think it’s hard to say. But it’s definitely more realistic looking.


– The most realistic looking choice.

– Works the same as the “rubber boot”, only you get to feel more creative, and like you’re making your costume even more. (Note: I don’t mean this in a rude way)

– All the other Pro’s seen in the “Rubber Boot”, minus the breath-ability. I’d imagine they’d be worse, but I could be wrong.


– Doesn’t look as cool as my method

– Takes longer to make then the “Rubber Boot” method (but still less than my way)

Finally… I give you!

Contestant #3: “My” Method

First off, even before posting the finished picture… I’d like to say I didn’t make this method. I only chose to use it. For the most part, it’s TK-409’s method. I added some dumb stuff, but basically it’s his idea.

Sideways boots can be sideways…. Anyway… those are them. My finished boots.


– They look awesome! (At least I think they do)


– Take forever to make

– Require a lot of dye, patience, time

– Less breathable

– Could cost the most of the choices

– Take the longest to put on. (They are 4 pieces per boot)

I’m not sure if anyone else would choose this method. It’s pretty outrageous for all you get. I think they look great, but then again, I spent hours and hours making them. I’m bias.

4 Parts: What are they?

I’ll tell you what the 4 parts are… they are as follows:


Shoes that have duck cloth hot glued to them. The duck cloth is strips that cover the width of the shoe, and tuck under it even. After toops, the under cloth with probably flay away is my guess. Where the show laces are, near the top, where you insert your foot, two very long (a few feet), and 1-2″ wide strips come off the shoe to wrap up the leg. This gives the impression they are one piece. When wrapping the legs, it takes a long time to get this right. ESPECIALLY if the cloth coming off to wrap up the leg is TOO SKINNY. Make there’s suckers wide. It’ll look kinda weird at first, but you’ll like the end result.

Leg Wrapping:

The leg wrappings are what we did previously in Tusken Aspirations 1. They are rectangles of duck cloth with strips of duck cloth sewn diagonally on. I later added Velcro to them, to help attach them securely on my leg, until the wrappings from the shoe were on. The Velcro really does only that. I found it was a unstable way to try and keep the leggings attached. Just use it to hold the legging in place until the shoe wraps are up and around it. I also found that dying it was almost a complete waste of time. If you do the legging straps from the shoes correctly, you won’t hardly see the wrap. I’d say it’s actually useless, except for the fact that it helps keep the next part in line, and also is a comfort factor  I think. Also IN THE EVENT that the leggings slip a bit, you won’t see your bare leg ever. It’s worth having I think.

Tip: When attaching the legging, let the bottom part overlap over the tongue of the shoe… at least if there WAS a visible one. If you overlap this legging a little bit, it helps with the illusion the legging and shoe are one piece.

A Shirt, Cloth, or Foam:

This is to stuff/wrap between your leg and the legging. It’s not for comfort (although it is comfortable), but instead to help puff the legging out. You’ll need it bunched thicker closer to where your foot enters the shoe. This will help create the image that you’re wearing a boot (or have legs of awesome!), and also make your leg look really meaty. This is more important if you have fatter, wider shoes. I used some old DC skate shoes that were REALLY meaty and fat. I like the result, but this extra stuffing is unneeded if you have smaller shoes. This is up to your discretion. I personally like ho mine turned out using this.


So these were basically mentioned before. I’m mentioning them again because I consider them both part of the shoe, and a part on their own. Reasoning is because you’ll spend a lot of time learning to wrap them properly (that is, if you care to be a perfectionist on the “boot”). Like I said before… fatter is better when making them, and be creative on making them look like they naturally come off the shoe. I did a few layers under and over to blend it into the look of my shoe. It’s really not a perfected art, but I think it’s good to pay attention to the details in your costume. Have some pride over it!

So this blog was a little different than the last one. It was less straight forward and more of a “experiment on your own” kind of post. I think the shoes are really a matter of personal choice, and there’s so many ways to do them, it really doesn’t matter what way you choose. You just need to focus, take your time, and look at some reference pictures.

As a closing remark I’d like to add that the pictures of other methods were taken from the Krayt Clan forums. I’d suggest any aspiring Tusken Raider join there, and even if you don’t post, check out what other people are posting. There’s lots of ideas floating around to take ideas from. Also there’s a great Trading/Selling forum.

I’ve done more work on this Tusken project, but I’m going to make an entirely new post for it soon. The next items on the list I’m working on almost simultaneously, so it might take awhile. I can’t say which one I’ll be posting on next.


TUSKEN ASPIRATIONS PART 3: Gloves/Wrists, Modified EP1 Rifle, or Tusken Gaffi Stick

It’s gonna be a good one. Keep checking back.

Shinigami out.


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